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The Pack Family Journal is a place where we gather text and images of our lives, adventures and travels. This is a very personal site, written openly and honestly. Enjoy.

Monday, December 31, 2018

The Last Day Of The Year

It is the last day of the year  - 2019; time to say thanks for the wonderful memories we've shared and a time to dream big, take action and live life to the fullest. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, so live in every moment, in every breath. Happy New Year to all. Sixx and Sweet

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Mama Bear's Wild Pack Cracker!

Heard something great day! Mama Bear's Pizza in Punta Banda Ensenada have put on us on their menu "The Wild Pack Cracker". It makes us feel so incredible to know that we connect with people in such a way.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Wonderful Afternoon of MUSIC!

Great day today. Another wonderful afternoon of music and friends. Once again great crowd, they sold out of the BBQ and ran out of seating. Thanks to all the musicians that participated all from so far away...Humberto FĂ©lix on drums, Cabo Tavo on keyboards, Phillip Singletary on saxophone, Art Fuentes sitting in on bass, Pablo sitting in on drums, plus my Sweet Pack on bass, Tom Olmos on percussion, and Bart Berry doing some tunes too. Thanks to Barbara Lincoln singing Summertime, and Kourtney Snow and Teresa Maladoing Santa Baby, and Mary Beth Fatica Burdette doing a version of Christmas Chopsticks....

Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Holidays!

May your Holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. Always live the Baja good life!
-- Sixx & Rachel

Monday, December 17, 2018

Staying Heathly

To all my friends that battle depression. I know you're there although you don't talk about it; I haven't either, until now. I have had horrible suicidal depression all my life. I have taken ever drug they could give me. Nothing worked well, fully or consistently, and it worsened as I aged. But now I take no drugs and I have finally beat away the darkness and the demons. The answer for me was St. John's Wort, an herb I get from health food stores. It changes the way I feel within a day of taking it, and as long as I continue taking it, the darkness stays gone. It's cheap and easy to find (more so in the states), but we have found stores that sell it here. Take 1000mg a day and see how it changes your life. It changed ours.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Stay Connected With Us!

We want you to stay connected with us.
We've found over the years that although Facebook is a "Social Network", it is very impersonal and superficial. Facebook is deliberately trying to show people the content that is most relevant to them, as opposed to surfacing all the content available. We want to communicate with the people we care about and care about us.

That being said... If you want to keep tabs on us or hear about where we are or what we are doing then we ASK YOU TO CONTACT US (sweetsixxduo@gmail.com) with your EMAIL ADDRESS. Communicating with our friends, family, and fans through email just like the good ol' days. That way we are speaking directly to you, and you can "reply" and speak directly with us. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

We All Kept Our Clothes On!

WHAT a fun afternoon in Rosarito Beach...and we all kept our clothes on! LOL, Dec 10, 2018, in the afternoon Sixx and I hosted another Oldywed Game at the Lighthouse Rest was super fun with a full house, good times. George and Mary Beth won with 80 points! Thanks to all that came for a giggle. We all had a great time! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! — feeling crazy at The Lighthouse Baja Rest.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Prisoner of the Driveway

We are a prisoner of the driveway. The car didn't get done as expected. The parts couldn't be found in Mexicali, so they had to be ordered from the states. So, we are now going to be leaving San Felipe on Friday rather than today. Looking forward to getting back to La Salina / La Mision to start working on "The Bien Vida Marketplace" at Baja Seasons, a weekly outdoor music and marketplace on the beach and the Sweet Sixx Cabaret, which we plan to tour first of January before the Blues Against Hunger Season. Chomping at the bit...let's get this party started!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Getting Ready!

We are almost ready to leave San Felipe once again for La Salina. Rachel installed a new slide awning on the RV and we are having new brakes, bearings, and blah blah blah on the car, which should be done on Tuesday. Looks like we are going to start working on a new big event and also do some Sweet Sixx Cabaret shows between now and our 5th annual Baja Blues Against Hunger tour in January...which is our biggest yet. Only 2 seats left on a bus; however you can also drive yourselves...we are RV's, campers and cars all on the caravan - SOOOO excited. Anyways, back at it.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sixx and Rachel Pack - The Dynamic Duo

About Sixx and Rachel Pack

Combined with over 55 years of experience in Design, Printing, Marketing, and Event Promotion; between J. Sixx and Rachel Pack have worked with a host of different individuals, brands and organizations. Combining their event production expertise, they have promoted over 150 concerts, along with countless sporting, fundraising and entertainment events. This is an addition to their design and print, radio, video and internet media. Awarded with a number of prestigious accolades, J. Sixx and Rachel are a dynamic duo.

Now as The Wild Pack is as the name implies, WILD. It is a blues rock band made up of a forever changing cast of musicians, with Sixx and Rachel Pack as founding members and the only two consistent members. Sixx on guitars and vocals and Rachel on bass and vocals.

The band was formed in 2013 after spending almost a lifetime backstage, producing events and most recently blues festivals; Sixx and Rachel Pack decided to form a band to allow them to travel and play music with musicians far and wide, out there in the WILD!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Days 8 - La Paz to Los Barriles

Days 8 - (Feb 21, 2018) La Paz to Los Barriles. SEE PHOTOS

The trip from La Paz to Los Barriles is always short but very enjoyable ride with a stop in El Triunfo to see and take photos of The Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe church. HISTORY - El Triunfo is a small mining town in La Paz Municipality, BCS, about 4½ miles north of San Antonio. In 1862, silver and gold were discovered in the southern BCS. mountains, leading miners from Mexico and the United States to set up camp. Once the largest city in BCS it was home to more than 10,000 miners., now BCS is marketing it as the "Puebio Historico" "The Historical Village". 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 7- Baja Blues Tour: Loreto to La Paz

Day 7- (Feb. 20, 2018) Loreto to La Paz SEE PHOTOS

A day driving from Loreto to La Paz was about 5.5 hours on straight and curvy roads with wonderful vistas and valleys. Driving south to La Paz we the view of the Bay as we pass Loreto Bay, cool place with a beautiful cove for snorkeling. The drive continued passed multiple islands along the coastline, small rugged mountains, peppered with agave, ocatillo, and large cactus; creating breathtaking views.

As we entered La Paz were we stopped at the Whale Tail Monument for a few photos and on to our overnight home, The Hotel One. Then a taxi ride down to the La Paz Malecon and dinner at the famous Tailhunter Restaurant. Followed by and relaxing walk along the Malecon with many cool sculptures that the line the shore including the New La Paz city Letters, were everyone posed for photos...and of course a stop at the La Monches shop for ice cream. Half walked back to the home and the other taxied it home. A wonderful night of food fun and friendships.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Day 6 - Baja Blues Tour: Mulege to Loreto

Day 6 (Feb 19, 2018) - Mulege to Loreto SEE PHOTOS

It is time to leave the palm tree oasis of Mulege and head to Loreto. The morning in Mulege, starts like any Pack morning, with BREAKFAST! The group of us started the day off right at The Castia Resturant for breakfast, which is a few doors down from the Haicienda Hotel in Mulege. This is a must for any one that comes to Mulege, with a comforting ambiance and tasty food. I love the birds and parrots they have in the palapa seating area all shaded with plants and trees with fun old art and antiques. We all enjoyed our meals,  got packed up and ready for the short drive to Loreto with a detour stop to the Mulege Mision (1776) and the outlook over the river on our way out - just spectacular! Lastly a drive out to the lighthouse for photo ops of beaches and sea. The drive to Loreto was about 2 hours just in time for lunch, we took the group to Augies Bar & Bait Shop (where the bait is the waitresses...lol). The group took free time to walk around the central promenade and Malecon as Bill & Sixx looked for an IPA. Shopping was had by most; with earrings, t-shirts, table clothes, ice cream and a penguin in a red hat. We then entered to our home for the night at the Hacienda Suites hotel, good dinner, and great company. Next morning on to La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Day 5 - Baja Blues Tour: Mulege

Day 5 (Feb 18, 2018) - Mulege SEE PHOTOS

Everyone enjoyed a day in Mulege. First we all went to a late brakefast at Bertha's at Burrios, which is one of the cove South of Mulege. Great food and beautiful views with house tickling the waters edge and the sailboats anchored in the bay with the clouds hanging just right, perfect. Everyone said it was the best omelet and breakfast they had ever had. THANK YOU to Bertha's!

On to the Mulege Prison Museum for history of the only NO BARS OPEN prison. FYI - Know that the Mulege Prison Museum closes each day at 1pm so plan you day so you do not miss this. The prisoners would go down into town and work and the prison bell would ring and they would all come home to eat and sleep in their cells; except for the crazies and killers they had to stay locked up. With our full day of sights we were all ready for lunch. El Cantinels is the place to go, just up a block and to the right is the place that the gingos and locals hang out bar. We all came back to our Hacianda and relaxed for a few hours enjoyed a group dinner and  to finish the evening we had a fire gathering at Sixx's sister Tammy's place. Met more of her neibors and laughted and told stories under the stars and flicker of the flames - A wonderful Mulege experience!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Day 4 - Baja Blues Tour: Vizcaino to Mulege

Day 4 (Feb 17, 2018) - Vizcaino to Mulege SEE PHOTOS
The Baja drive from Vizcaino to Mulege is a scenic pleaser; from the desert with cactus, to cactus with trees,  to my fav - rounded bolder & rock piled mountain, giant rock mountains to tropical oases. San Ignacio is a tropical oasis stop on the BAH Baja tour. Seeing the Mision de la San Ignacio (completed in 1759) and town center courtyard with the giant 100 year old trees and many shops lining the streets, one of our favorite stops. Then onward to Mulege,

Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 3 - Baja Blues Tour: El Rosario to Vizcaino

Day 3 (Feb 16, 2018) - El Rosario to Vizcaino
Shake rattle & rain rain!  As we left El Rosarito heading south on Hwy 1 heading South towards Guererro Negro; the clouds were heavy in the sky and by the time we got to Catavina the rain came down making it hard to see all the potholes size of trucks that everywhere. One of our adventurers (guests) hit one or all of the potholes and the jolt knocked their RV refrigerator door off its hinges (she told me later).

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day 2 - Baja Blues Tour: Ensenada to El Rosario

Day 2 - Ensenada to El Rosario
Breakfast with the group at La Forchetta restaurant about 2 blocks from Hotel Bahia, Lots of questions and storytelling. After B-fast we all climbed into prospective autos off to La Bufadora (blowhole) in Punta Banda. The blowhole is the 2nd largest natural water spout. Everyone had a great time walking through the vendors to get the end with views of the Pasific and La Bufadora, beautiful day! Then we continued the drive down Hwy 1 along the farming areas of veggies, flowers, and palm trees to the end of the days destination at Hotel Baja Cactus in El Rosario. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day 1 - The Start of the Baja Blues Tour

Day 1 - Baja Blues Tour: San Felipe to Ensenada -

We started all at the most northern Pemex in San Felipe at 7:30am heading to Ensenada with rain in the forecast. But we had a wonderful ride with a few clouds in the sky and the sun shining through our day of sightseeing in downtown Ensenada. Sixx and I shared The 3 Head Plaza, fish market, marina, Papa's & Beer, music water fountain, and the New Malecon with the group. We stayed at Bahia Hotel across from The 3 Head Plaza, it was a wonderful day. As we got ready to relax the rain came, then as we settled into our rooms the music started and then bad karaoke increased in volume, but I will tell you we made it through and did get sleep to be ready for the trek south to El Rosario. The First Baja Blues Against Hunger Jam is in Mulege, Feb. 17, 2018. Click to see more photos...