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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Mama Bear's Wild Pack Cracker!

Heard something great day! Mama Bear's Pizza in Punta Banda Ensenada have put on us on their menu "The Wild Pack Cracker". It makes us feel so incredible to know that we connect with people in such a way.

Two years ago, we stayed in Punta Banda and started a jam called the Monday Meatloaf Jam and it was so much fun and very popular...they are still doing it every season. Well I don't eat cheese and Rachel doesn't do meat and the pizza at Mama Bears is AWESOME, so we ordered a vegetarian pizza with pesto garlic and lots of veggies cooked until crispy. OH BOY IT'S GOOD. Well we found out today they made a menu item called "Wild Pack Cracker" - THANK YOU. We love you too.

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