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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy V-Day!

Feb. 15th 2007
We are happy to be together and in a place we live to be. It has been over a month now living in Baja and we love it! During the time John and I lived in Ventura we often said "lets move to Baja on the property down south and build our house." So we did as we have told you all before. So here we are loving every minute of it; the last few days have been sunny and warm with just a touch of a breeze. I have to say it again WE LOVE IT!

We have a coat of concrete on the stairs to finish up the shed, which we built all by ourselves. John and I, two people that have never built anything have built a sand building - COOL! We are so proud of each other for setting goals and achieving them.

During this time of Love - I want to share with you the Wedding vows John and said to each other at both our weddings; May 10 in our friend George’s backyard and July 12 on the beach in Santa Barbara.

John: Rachel my love, you came out of nowhere and I have not loved so much, but I will love you much more, seems almost a dream, how we got from there to here. A place where, the every glance of you, caress of you, sound of you, I Adore

Rachel: My Hand is in your hand My Heart is in you heart In ways I could never explain, your love has touched the deepest part of my soul and changed my life forever.

Along with the above words we promised to Honor, Trust, and Respect each other forever then we kisses (twice, three, four, and I think a few more times) and then George pronounced us married.

John and I have done a lot together and will continue to have our adventures together in Baja California MX, sailing the Sea of Cortez, and any other place we think would be cool to see and experience.

Thank you for reading our blog and following us throw it all! Give someone a hug and a kiss not just today but everyday!


Monday, February 5, 2007

I Love that Silly Guy!

Well it is close to Valentines day and I Love my husband. He can be a funny and silly guy. Here are a few photos of him being just that.