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Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Appreciating Family!

Jan. 29, 2007 - I was looking through all our pictures for our Pacasa online photo album and I put together a slide show of The Pack Family during Jan 2004.
The setting is Santa Barbara in Jeremy's front yard; we were enjoying a sunny saturday together as a Pack.

Hug and Kisses

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a week!

This week Rachel and I have nearly finished a shed (http://ourcastleofsand.blogspot.com/) which is only te start of our dream homeon the beach, we just needed a place to store our tools while we build.

This last week we started our new magazine called "San Felipe Land & Home," which is kind of a Home and Garden for the San Felipe area. Our focus is development and real estate and our first week we sold out. We actually had to turn advertisers away because we were getting too much. This is a problem I've never had before, I think it's a positive omen for good things to come. We just want to take it easy and do things slowly with this magazine, so it doesn't chaneg our livestyle, or become overwhelming. The magazine websie is http://www.sflandandhome.com.

We also got our solar system up and running this week, not completely setup though. We still have to set up the controller and the generator to the system, but for now we can run our computers and get online without the use of the generator. OH YA, DOH!! We also got our satellite system installed, so we have broadband internet from our our property - we're loving it.

This is the vew from our office...well actually it's not our office yet, it's just we're Rachel and I send time on our computers working.

Next week well be heading back to California to see Liamarie and WE CAN'T WAIT. We spend the entire month talking about seeing her and missing her, so once a month we get to spend a week with her and we love it...and we love her. Liamarie is turning into such a beautiful young lady and we dig every moment we get with her. Be bloggin' next week.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dreams coming true!!

Almost three weeks John and I have been down here in Baja. This has been our dream together and been a dream a part from one another to live in Baja, as you all know by. From my first trip to Cabo, then my time in San Felipe, and my week with John in Muligue; the people, the food, the land all appeal to me. And for John, he has had many more trips then I and has always talked about his wish to some day live in Baja Mexico. So here we are now living a double life one in Baja building out house of sand and one in Fresno being with Liamarie as she finishes high school, visiting family and friend. Life is good!

Friday: Jan. 5, 2007 - The first weekend and we planned to start first building, a storage shed; but the weather would not let us. We had 4 days of wind, wind, and more wind. This prevented us from starting anything. So we had to wait until the wind let up; final it did but on Tuesday. We had to work, with our new publication "Land & Home Magazine for San Felipe", a wonderful publication all about living and building in San Felipe. John and I with a good friend Bill helping us out with sales. With the magazine and all our print and DVD business our weekdays are full. So we had to wait until the weekend to start the shed.

Please see http://ourcastleofsand.blogspot.com/ for all the pic and info. FUN! FUN! FUN!

Friday: Jan 19, 2007 - John Drives up after having gone to town for a few meeting and he had a guest, his name is Eric. Eric the cyclist - he is bicycling from Arizona to La Paz. John found him on the road taking a pic of a sign painted on the street. The road to our Campo had a few crazy dips and right before this set of three dips some one painted
"OH SHIT DIPS!" They arrived around 4:3o pm, Eric said he knew he would not make it to a town by dark and thought he would take a chance on a California license plate and that was John. Eric stayed over, he went to a South Campo Meeting, ate pot luck, played gin rummy with us (yes I am playing cards), and we listened to him play a few songs on the guitar. The next morning was a beautiful sunrise, as we often have; John made papas and huevos to send Eric off as he still had many more miles to ride. His next stop was Gazonga Bay-one of the most beautiful places in Baja many people tell me. Eric really was a nice guy and we wish him all the best.
John and I love to meet new people; just before we met Eric we met a guy that makes pictures out of paper mache. We found Fransico heading into town and once again we stop to give a ride. He also turned out to be a great guy! He invited us to view is art and see the new development he is working for "Aqua Marina". We have not had time to check it out but as soon as we do I well make a new entry and let you all know.
Bye for now! XOXO

Monday, January 8, 2007

The New Year in Baja

It's only been the first two weeks of January, but we've been busy working and of course playing. This week we installed the sewer pipe from our RV parking to our new septic system (see our Sand Castle blog). We also took a trip down south to as far as the road goes, we wanted to go further but will do that another day.

Another beautiful day at the Playa de Oro pool. The last few days have been very windy.

Here's a picture of Rachel hard at work at Playa de Oro. You can see my computer too.

The San Felipe Arches entering town from the North.

The road back from Puertocitos, Baja.

Monday, January 1, 2007

A year of growth and new beginnings

I wanted to say that 2007 is going to be a year of growth and new beginnings.

John and I are entering our seventh year together and our fourth our married happily. We have traveled together all over the USA and now ready for Mexico. Our house, Castillo de la Arena (Sand Castle), in Playa Adriana Baja Mexico is getting started - VERY exciting! We have a few trips planned this year; Canada with Liamarie during summer break and Guadalajara Mexico with our friend Roger. And in between growing our business and building our home "I love you John, my friend, lover and partner in crime. We have great goals to tackle and I will pull them down with both hand and make you proud to me." - to John from Rachel

My parents are retiring to the sun and sand of San Felipe Mexico; the ground braking on their property is happening as you read this; it will be a race of who finishes first us or them. We will be watching the building process for them, taking pictures and making sure all the little things get done. "I am proud to have you two as parents; we have grown together to be stronger family with out killing each other. Ha!Ha! Thank you and I see a good 2007 with a big step towards the sand between your toes." - to Mom and Dad from Rachel

Liamarie is becoming and beautiful young lady that we love very much. I see her swimming like a dolphin on the swim team, singing like a angle in chorus, and looking good with blue or red hair doing it this year. "Be strong and be the best that you can be!" - to my Liamarie from your Rachel :)
Troy is working on a lobster boat at the Channel Islands loving every minute of it. I remember the times John and I spent waking up on the sail boat watching the sun come up over California and hearing the birds and sea loins as we ate breakfast; who couldn't love that? He drove his new truck though pea soup fog to spend Christmas with us, The first time all of us together for the holidays; surprising his sis and grandma - The Best Christmas ever! "Enjoy every minute of it and remember that we love you - we are just a phone call away." - to Troy from Rachel.

Please check we us from time to time and let us know what you and our friends/family are up to during this promising new year of 2007.