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Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a week!

This week Rachel and I have nearly finished a shed (http://ourcastleofsand.blogspot.com/) which is only te start of our dream homeon the beach, we just needed a place to store our tools while we build.

This last week we started our new magazine called "San Felipe Land & Home," which is kind of a Home and Garden for the San Felipe area. Our focus is development and real estate and our first week we sold out. We actually had to turn advertisers away because we were getting too much. This is a problem I've never had before, I think it's a positive omen for good things to come. We just want to take it easy and do things slowly with this magazine, so it doesn't chaneg our livestyle, or become overwhelming. The magazine websie is http://www.sflandandhome.com.

We also got our solar system up and running this week, not completely setup though. We still have to set up the controller and the generator to the system, but for now we can run our computers and get online without the use of the generator. OH YA, DOH!! We also got our satellite system installed, so we have broadband internet from our our property - we're loving it.

This is the vew from our office...well actually it's not our office yet, it's just we're Rachel and I send time on our computers working.

Next week well be heading back to California to see Liamarie and WE CAN'T WAIT. We spend the entire month talking about seeing her and missing her, so once a month we get to spend a week with her and we love it...and we love her. Liamarie is turning into such a beautiful young lady and we dig every moment we get with her. Be bloggin' next week.

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