This morning we had another flat, and we hadn’t even gone anywhere, thanks to the llantera. Plus after the llantera fixed our barrings, the cart would not roll – literally. Completely empty it felt as if it had a full load. So, we had to stay another day, because nothing was open on Sunday.
Tomorrow we will be leaving hell or high water, nearly everything that could go wrong has, and all has been fixed by good luck, or simply by a series of miracles; either way we are good to go. However, even with the good luck, none of it could have been possible without the help of our new life-long amigo Mas Margaritas. Today alone he has taken us from the mechanic, to the llantera (different one), hardware store, laundromat, back to the hardware store, a couple more times, the Internet cafe, then Baja Pack to ship some equipment back home again, and on and on. We even had a chance to pick up a new tarp, for both protecting our air mattress from the cholla, but to also create a larger shade area when we’re hiding from the sun. We are so thankful!

I also want to give a few plugs to not only Mas Margaritas, but to some local Guerrero Negro businesses that you should know about, and one you should not. First, if you are ever in need of a mechanic in this neck of the woods, I give a 10 out of 10 stars