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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cloudy / Sunny / Cloudy - Clam Beach Baja

12-Sep-2010 - arrive at Clam beach on Sunday after our one night stay at El Rufugo in Punta Banda area heading to La Bufadora. Nice RV Park right on the Estro, but two big dogs and the grounds was soft dirt, hard to keep the dirt out of the RV. The owner was very pleasant and helpful. They every have filtered water onsite only $10 pesos.

30-Sept-2010: We are still staying at Clam Beach, just south 30 min. from Rosartio Beach. today it rained - and chilly. Hoping it will clear up....Beach beautiful - Ran of the beach with Cia yesterday and found a crab and saved him from the Birds. After running one directions on the beach about 1 mile...being the savor that I am...I ran to the other end of the beach to place the crab in the rock area with other crabs - save from the birds.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cloudy in the morning - Sunny in the Afternoon - Cloudy in the Night

We have been in Vincente Guerrero for about one month getting ready to head North to Clam Beach Resort for 3 - 4 weeks. Posada Do Deigo has been nice and quite, but a dusty little town. Weather and area is much like Ventura; except way TOOO far from the beach here in VG.We have enjoyed a few meals at the resturant and love them all - Read John Story about the Restaurant: Posada Don Diego Sunday Breakfast

Cai and Max are loving the time here - except for the camp dogs (3 boy dogs they suck!). Today 7-Sept-2010 I walk Cia and Max followed us all the around the whole park...silly CAT!
Below is the video we created about the park: