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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New addition to the Pack Family

New addition to the Pack Family & the Stories so how we found each other...

Cai - short for Calle.
John found Cai in the middle of the road (Calle) by 7-11 south just about to be killed by all the cars going by. So John jumped out of the car and she came right up to him, he picked her up and swept her away like a knight in shining armorer. It was Earth day April 22, 2009 so her full name is Calle Terra Pack.

Max - short for Maxiums No-Love Pack.
We where in Luissiana visting a friend; there cat had resently had a litter of kittens. John wanted his own cat; because my cat was not a lap cat and he wanted cat that would sit with him as we drove accoss the country. The kittins where about 8 - 10 weeks old and Max was the only gray & white one out of about 7 kittins. Being the odd one out for the bunch John had to have him. We begged and begged for about 2 days and finally Rich & his wife agreed to let us adopt the only gray kitten. He was and is very strong and acts as he is the warror of the house...so we named him Maxiums. Rich our friend is an Ultimate Fighter and his name is Rich "No Love" Clementi. In the honor of where Max's life started, we named him after Rich. John & I adopted Max and he has been all over the US and now we will be working all over Mexico. Maxiums No-Love Pack, an International travling Cat!

Cheeto - Cheeto the Cheese Puff
Cheeto is a very speical cat, she almost was named Cleo (short for Cleopatra). During my college days I lived in a great house just two blocks from the school. One of our neighors cat had kittens and they came over with the last two kittens that no one else would take. So of course I took them Cheeto & Spats
Cheeto was a big fluffy ball of bright oragan; that is where she got the name Cheeto the Cheese Puff. Spats was a hansome kitten calico with white tops of his feet (Spats are a type of shoe accessory covering the instep and ankle.). They joined my clan with Skosy (all white cat with blue eyes - the coolest cat! love and miss him). When John and I moved in together Spats was not happy and scrated everything and did his man tagging thing...so we found him a home and Cheeto became the only cat in the house. she is not about 12 years old and keeps up with Max and talerats Cai.