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Monday, October 14, 2019


BLOW OUT ON 99 - Well if it ain't one thing it's another...so today we woke alone in the desert after a truly silent night; at least after the last of the partiers left and at an American time of 10PM...We both laughed as the last vehicles drove away. Had we been at home in Baja, it may have gone on all night.
Today after driving 9 hours we had a blow out on the inside dually tire on Highway 99 in California. We have no internet, no US cellphone, and no GPS to tell us where anything is...it was so like the good ol' days, I mean like pre-pager days.
We got off the highway on a country road and the first two guys didn't speak English, but my Spanglish is very up on blown tire lingo..The second man asked us to follow him to a llantera (tire shop) and we did for several miles at a slow speed; unfortunately, he stopped at an intersection, pointed to the left, drove away to the right. On the left was a tire shop alright, but they were useless, and almost deliberately unhelpful even with my tire Spanglish. However, the Mexican truck driver outside pointed us to another shop on the other side of the highway that the first shop knew nothing about...I asked.

The good news is the second shop was open for about 15 minutes when we arrived. Nothing in stock, but said they can have a tire for us by 8:30AM. So, tonight we are stuck on the side of the roadside at a tire shop. The manager let Rachel take a picture of their Internet router code on the back, so tonight we have a connection. Tomorrow morning we get a new tire and keep going - old school.
The real punchline was when I went into the liquor store adjacent to us and the only beer they sold was Tecate, Pacifico, Modelo and Bud Light! Oh, and the tire shop's air compressor outside our window only seems to screechingly release it's extra air every 30 minutes, rather than more frequently. LOL

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