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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New RV Spot

Today we moved the RV to a new location in the park. Our new spot that has an awesome view of the La Bufadora Cove and big beautiful palapa in the other side. We will have fun using it for our rehearsal/practice space. - MORE PHOTOS - 

Before we moved John thought that one of the RV's tires where going flat, certainly appeared low. Turned out it was fine, but Richardo, the manager and all around guy here came to the rescue. He had a hose hooked up under the hood, with a push button switch on a long wire attached to his battery. So he can pump up a tire with his jeep and use the button to stop and start the pump. Oh and all his wrenches were stuck inside the engine compartment with a giant magnet. I love Mexican ingenuity!  - MORE PHOTOS -

Rachel crawled under the RV to place some levelers and our campo pitbull Chata climbed under to see what she was doing.

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