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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Where Is My Damn Lemonade?

Sometimes life doesn't play fair. Before the summer began we needed to replace our refrigerator in our RV, once it arrived the shippers had dropped and bent it, so we had it repaired and paid to have it installed...with all that had to be done, it wasn't until the day before we left that it finally got installed. Of course, the refrigerator didn't work. So all summer we have a extra pantry and we have to live out of an ice chest. No problem.
We also thought it was a good idea to get new brakes before we left, again no problem. They even went out of their way and installed porcelain brakes (which we didn't ask for), we figured fine, its an upgrade. Although it cost 75% more than any brakes we had previously purchased, but again no problem they will last longer - WRONG. Day before yesterday our brakes went out completely.
The best part is we are living at the top of a mountain and are using 2nd gear, and 1st gear to slow down, then the emergency brake to stop. We had a gig yesterday, couldn't get an appointment today, tomorrow is Sunday, Monday another gig, so we have to limp along until Tuesday.
At this point I just want to know, where is my damn lemonade?

UPDATE on the brakes - we found out that after our almost accident that somehow the lines got air in them; which caused the brakes to not work or go out. So now the brakelines are fixed and our brakes are just like new again!

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