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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Two PA's and a Taillight

SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rd - Last night at La Marina turned out to be one of our best shows to date, although we started slow, we got cooking! We had our mojo working and our grove on! It was only the 4 of us; Oscar on drums, Rachel on bass, Phillip on sax and me on guitar and vocals. Although we did have a couple of hick ups, it couldn't stop the music.
The first problem came when one of the cables in our Bose PA started shorting and causing all the sound to cut out. Fortunately, it was just during sound check, so I had time to run back home to get our other Peavey PA. It's a much larger system used primarily for outdoors, but we had to have it. So I lined up the monster speakers next to the car and one was leaning because of a rock, a wind gust blew and the damn thing fell over and onto our car and busted our taillight. After a few quick choice words, I was loaded and back at the venue.
During our second break, as we walked around saying hello to people in the audience, a man said "I love you guys, and dig your sound, but there is just a little too much bass in your voice". So,
always wanted to sound our best, just before starting our 3rd and final set, I went to lower the bass on the PA Amplifier and it just went haywire: snapping, crackling and popping. SO, quickly we switched everything back around and setup the Bose PA again. Fortunately Rachel had left most of the stuff connected, although I asked her to put it all away, I guess sometimes it works out for the best when she just ignores me.
In any case, the last set went without a flaw. The Bose never gave out, and we finished on a high note, jamming to "Got My Mojo Working" and lots of bootie shakin' on the dance floor. Oscar is going to check a music store in Ensenada today to get us a new cable for the Bose. We'll need for our show tomorrow. Then next month when we get home I will take the Peavey Amp/Mixer to get looked, I think it just needs a good cleaning inside, afterall it is an old 1970 something monster, but it sure can scream.
All is good, another great show down, and many more to come. Now where off to Patty's for our Sunday breakfast. Make your day great!

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