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Monday, October 9, 2017

On the Move Edwards to Albuquerque Running from the Cold!

On the move and running from the cold. We played Friday night in Edwards Colorado with our drummer for the night Avon City Councilman Jake Wolf. It was fun and what a BEAUTIFUL PLACE...near Vail, Avon, Beaver Creek that area...started getting pretty darn cold. We stayed the night at the brewery and enjoyed some amazing beers. My favorite was Hookiebobb (which mean to hitch a ride up a hill by a car bumper in the pre-ski lift days and the 20 Hop IPA the bartender gave me as a gift...a special beer aged 6 months, with an ABV of 8.6% (alcohol), SRM of 6 (malt color), and IBU of 90 (International Bitterness Rating), $20 a bottle or $10 a glass and worth every drop. LOVE CRAZY MOUNTAIN BREWING.

Balloon Fiesta all week until the 15th
Edwards Colorado
Then on Saturday morning, we hauled ass over the Vail-Summit to Denver... warm beautiful day. Again what a fun jam and our drummer for the night was Carleton Pike, an incredible drummer. Every song was as if he had been playing with us for years. He reminded us of first time we met our good friend and drummer Ron Rando in San Felipe. In any case, great night and we even had a new great friend Sis', a bass player we met in Goleta and later stayed with for a week in Oregon. We shot the St. James Infirmary Blues video in her yard along the river in Corvallis Oregon (Here is that video on YOUTUBE). Well, we have now seen her 4 times on this tour (Santa Barbara and Ojai California, Corvallis Oregon and now Denver Colorado. This time she introduced us to another of her 10 sisters (Sis is the oldest, hence the name) and we really had a great time. THEN to top it off the bartender gave me a 4 pack of Emotional Rescue UNBELIEVABLE! An IBU of 150 and 9% - Yowza. The weather in Denver is 19 degrees today and we knew it was so....

Edwards mountains
Sunday morning we went out to The Breakfast King restaurant in Denver and ran south to Las Vegas New Mexico and hung a little while checked out a little of old town, read up on Wyatt Earp. Today we arrived in Albuquerque, we'll be here for the rest of the week. We have a Blues Against Hunger show on Thursday at Red Door Brewing and then it is Balloon Fiesta all week.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Fall is Coming Quick in Colorado and Bringing on the Cold

Colorado has been incredible, but it is really getting cold. The last few weeks have been incredible. We've found an incredible boondocking location. Helped launch a brand new brewery, and got frozen inside our RV. Why would anyone live any other way?

Once we finished our show at Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett Washington, we headed east through Washington and Idaho with some awesome shows and one our latest in terms of time in Idaho Falls...way past my bedtime ;-). Wyoming was open and beautiful before heading south into Colorado. We stopped at Rabbit Ears Pass above Steamboat Springs at about 9700 feet. It was breathtaking, literally. The first night I woke a couple times feeling as if I were having a panic attack. It turned out to be due to altitude sickness, which we quickly figured out. Then the next morning it started to snow! - We were out of there! We stopped in Steamboat Springs for a dispensary (medicinal) and a local taco shack called TACO CABO. The owner was actually from Jalisco Mexico, but he was cool and let us fill our fresh water tanks from his restaurant, but as a side note...it was the most expensive taco I've had in my life and it didn't come with rice, beans or nada. I think they were $5 each and I had...well that's not important. What's more important is how this week went down - it was all meant to be.

Friday, September 15, 2017

September Starts Strong from Idaho to Wyoming!

Sixx here, it has been a long few weeks. We were hanging out in Ketchum, Idaho which was fun and beautiful. While wondering the streets there like a couple of tourists, we got lucky and stopped to asked directions from Jeffery Lubeck, a local photographer and partner with his son Kyle in the MESH Gallery in downtown Ketchum. As it turns out, it was the day before Sun Valley WAGON DAYS and he was in need of music for the Weekend long event's opening night Gallery Walk. We jumped at the opportunity. We were even more excited when we found out the building of the MESH is the first Catholic Church built in the valley in 1884 and had a very gothic feel and the ONLY WAY we'd ever get to play in a church.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On the Road in Ketchum, Idaho and an Amazing Camping Area

Sweet and Sixx of Wild Pack stops to hang out in Ketchum Idaho for a Blues Against Hunger Blues Jam food drive at Sun Valley Brewery on Sept. 8 and are spending time at Lake Creek Camping area. The area is for 16 days free dry camping in a very beautiful area.


Here is the link and reviews for Campendium for the same camp ground: https://www.campendium.com/lake-creek-road

Wild Pack Band http://www.wildpackband.com

MESH ART Gallery http://www.meshart.net

Friday, March 3, 2017

Tammy & Maxim Email Update from Mulege

Don Chano's had another pig roast last night.   Karen, the world class flutist that stays here in Mulege during the winter played her flute along with the band, Nueva Luna that played at the pig races last week.  Excellent music.    I danced a song with Juan Ramon, the landscaping employee that lives here.  Back in December at another pig roast hosted here, Manual's extended family members were chanting for me to dance with Juan Ramon and they tried a bit last night to....   Juan Ramon didn't have his game on, so I was spared.   Good thing since I caught this horrible cold that is going around.  Most everyone that ate at Scotty's (El Candil) after the pig races last week got it.  I didn't eat at Scotty's that night, but I managed to get it too.

The park built a real nice concrete block pig roasting pit with metal bars built into it for the metal rack and covered it with mud.  Its right across from the Admin building.  The pig was big and so the pit is large enough to be used as a large hot tub.

Maxim is totally enjoying school!  They had a party yesterday afternoon at the town square basketball court and the whole school ended up at the lighthouse last night following their other party and on Fridayone school teacher is hosting a party at his house.   I cant imagine a school teacher in the States inviting an entire class to his house...... Maxim says he loves this school!

Hopefully this Don Chano update finds you well, unlike myself and several others!