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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jammin' with the neighbers

Friday - March 1, 2007
Tequila and Music
Please meet out neighbors "Pilin" and "Hutch" - we spend time playing guiter.

St. Patty's Day

March 15, 2007

Yes it is the Day you should be waering GREEN - St. Patty's Day. John and I are visiting family and enjoying every second of it. The Trip to Fresno was not the as fun as the time we are having now.

Pour Little Maxius!
He does not sick look in this picture, but he was sick the whole 9 hour trip (except for about 2 hours for the final trip). We finally made it to Fresno around 9:45pm after leaving San Felipe at 11:00am. We are happy to be here and ready to spend time with our loved ones.

Back in Fresno!

March 13th - Swim Day!

Liamarie had a swim meet and she did a great job she took 1st - she is a sprinter in the pool. Check out her team they are all WINNERS!

Liamarie's best stroke is Freestyle, because she is sprinter she swims the 50 meter freestyle and kicks booty. Ready - Set - Go!

We love to see our little Pack Swim like a fish!