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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Stay Connected With Us!

We want you to stay connected with us.
We've found over the years that although Facebook is a "Social Network", it is very impersonal and superficial. Facebook is deliberately trying to show people the content that is most relevant to them, as opposed to surfacing all the content available. We want to communicate with the people we care about and care about us.

That being said... If you want to keep tabs on us or hear about
where we are or what we are doing then we ASK YOU TO CONTACT US (sweetsixxduo@gmail.com) with your EMAIL ADDRESS. We will be communicating with our friends, family, and fans through email just like the good ol' days. That way we are speaking directly to you, and you can "reply" and speak directly with us. 

In 2017 alone we have traveled 8 US states and 5 Mexican, we love it! We will be boing more and want you involved. In 2018 we have lots scheduled:
  • January: The Opening of "Sixx String Boogie Circus" Show
  • February: Baja Blues Tour to Cabo San Lucas with the BAH compilation CD of all the blues artist we have played within 2017.
  • March: BAH Baja Hunger Fest in San Felipe
  • All 2017-18 Winter Season: Baja Good Life Happy Hours
  • April - Sept.: Blues Against Hunger Tour in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, New Mexico, and more.
  • All 2018: dates of Sweet Sixx Cabaret presents - the "Sixx String Boogie Circus" in Baja, California, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, New Orleans, Nashville, and Chicago ...and much much more.
Stay connected with us and get all the info of where's "The Pack" playing and traveling. So....If you're family, a friend, or a fan soon to be friend; truly interested in what we're doing. PLEASE CONTACT US (sweetsixxduo@gmail.com) with your EMAIL ADDRESS and we will add you to our personal newsletter list.
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