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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day Off at Short Notice

Last night - Aug 14, 2015 we got the day off in short notice, so got to go out for dinner and watch a cool band perform. It wasn't exactly what our day was supposed to be, but it worked out for the best. Plus we got to have dinner with Paul and Linda, a fun couple from the area that are literally at ever function in the area, and they always love to dance. Dinner was great, we had coconut shrimp,Rachel had mashed potatoes and I had fries. Very good, and Judy the manager said she was "saving us Ahi tuna for tomorrow night when we perform." She's great.
Last week she asked which day of the week we wanted to play. We thought about it, and thought
"we play Monday's at Mama Bears, Wednesday atParadise Cove Tiki Bar & Grill, so lets take Friday at La Marina" that way we perform every other day, and we get a full weekend of Saturday and Sundays...perfect. So, we had a vinyl banner made that said "WILD PACK EVERY FRIDAY" and hung it on the restaurant sign on the highway.
Apparently, we got our wires crossed, because yesterday, we get a message from a friend and fan that said "I thought you guys were playing tonight, because I just read another band was playing tonight". Sure enough, Judy thought since Saturdays were their best day of the week, that was the day we wanted. So, she booked another band on Friday and had us booked on Saturday...when we talk to her, she said she was sorry and we can have any day we want - told ya she was great.
But, now that we knew Saturdays were the best day, we talked with our drummer Oscar and we all agreed to take Saturdays. Immediately the Friday sign came down, fortunately we already had a Saturday sign to replace it. All is good and tonight (Saturday) and every Saturday through the rest of the summer we will be playing at La Marina on Saturday. Please come join us, the place it very cool and Judy is doing a great job fixing it up and the kitchen is really doing a great job on food. See ya soon.

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