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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Hard Few Days!

We finally made it Vizcaino and it's been a few hard days getting here. Thanks to David K, Gold Huntress, Ateo and everyone else (from Baja Nomads) for all the kind words and support.

We are working ourselves pretty hard and trying to make some solid progress each day. We had a hard time leaving G.N. and didn't make the progress we wanted June 5 after Mas Margaritas dropped us off.

We finally starting walking around 11AM, when there was still some overcast skies and a light breeze. But, by the time we reached the military base and parallel 28, the wind was picking up. It was about that time that Roberto, the new owner of the La Pinta Hotel, Desert Inn, and now the Halfway Inn, stopped by in his new passenger van to let us know that not only could we stay for free at his hotel, but our meals would be free as well. We sure wished we had talked to him sooner. But,
at that moment there was no way we could have stayed another day, even for free food and stay.

We walked until we saw some Log Cabins (SEE PHOTOSand with the wind the way it was, we went to investigate only to find a dog that didn't want us around and no people. We thought we could hide behind one of the cabins, but it wasn't good with the dog and Rachel found that cabin #1 was open, so we moved in...which made me nervous, but since it was on Benito Juarez Ejido, we figured we would have some support with a couple of friends we recently made that are part of the ejido. We even sent a text to Mas Margaritas, and he said he could check on the owners, it was getting late so we just said we would risk it. The cabin turned out to be a blessing and we got out of the wind, set the tent up inside, made dinner and went to sleep.

The next day we put on some miles. the terrain was getting flat with very little vegetation to hide behind, and although both sides of the highway were fenced, we were able to find an opening and some sand dunes that we had to drag the wagon to and set up camp out of view of the road. I believe we did more than 17 miles this day. SEE PHOTOS

Yes, our original goal was 20 miles each day, but that was before the wagon and the injuries of the past coming back to not only haunt me, but almost take me down. Thank god for good friends, the ability to change our plans and good pain killers.

The next day was even more difficult, the fences were never ending and the terrain left nothing to hide. We decided to continue to Ejido Segunda Etada, a place our friend Jerry Freer described as creepy. He was right, it looked like something straight out of either Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Down of the Dead. It was a small community, that looked as if the people were evacuated, or ran. Buildings incomplete, and personal property laying about, even all the trees were dead. Very eery place, but it was the furthest we could go. We were both hurting, legs, feet and attitudes. So, that is were we stayed, inside a half completed building, or possibly it had once been complete, but on this night it had 3 windows without windows, and 2 doors without doors, and no roof - but it did provide shelter.

Today, we walked for while counting down the kms, not in any hurry knowing that Vizcaino was not too far. About half way to our goal, Rachel spotted a small puppy, when it saw us it ran to hide. But, on realizing Rachel meant it no harm it slowly crawled closer to her. It appeared as if the puppy had been left to die in the last couple of days; the monster that left it, was barely kind enough to leave it water and dump it where truckers throw trash. The dog would have been eaten or die horribly, so needless to say, we couldn't leave it to die, so we now have this really cute, female puppy riding on the wagon.

That being said, we CAN NOT keep her, so if anyone can help us with this problem, we would GREATLY appreciate it. She is really very beautiful, very kind, all light brown with white patch on the chest and green eyes. Truly a sweet, well mannered dog. We can't seem to find any reason someone would throw her away, except maybe she is female, or the fact she doesn't bark, at least not that we have heard...to this point she is silent. We will be looking for a good home, or we will have to give her to the next animal shelter we come to, which is likely La Paz.

UPDATE - We found a home for the puppy! As we were leaving the hotel, we ask one of the cleaning ladies if she would like a new puppy (¿quieres un cachorro?). She said YES! We saved the puppy's life, which we called Desi (short for desierto, which is desert in Spanish) and found her a new home with in a few days. Thank you Aracely Cerbantes of Vizcaino for giving Desi a good home. She told us how they loved dogs, had a couple that were dear to heart, and she even ran off to show her husband, which was either the owner or manager of the hotel and also seemed very pleased to have Desi - we were so happy, for so many reasons!

Today (Friday - June 8th) we were also lucky enough to actually have a frontage road, solid enough to walk on...plus it has been getting hotter and hotter, and the temperature of the pavement is hard of our feet, tires, shoes and body overall. Looks like we will be going back to early morning and late afternoon walking.

We have had a heck of walk up to this point, and we have much more to go, so keep watching and supporting and please stop to say hello if you pass us...on that note....

A little social commentary...we have been keeping track of the people offering kindness and support along the road, and it is currently 22 Mexican and 9 Gringos...albeit this is Mexico, but none of the Mexican's offering support were solicited and all but 4 of the gringos were...And we have nearly been run off the road 3 times, once we were literally pushed over and all were by gringos with California plates...one even refused to stop for a semi truck flashing him, but then after he was passed the truck he took the time to stop and cuz' us out. Go figure...And we were even off the road, stopped and waiting for the truck to pass as we do in those situations. The point is, chill out, Baja Highway 1, ain't Interstate 5 and there ain't no sidewalk ;-) Looking forward to San Ignacio and making a right hand turn to no traffic and dirt roads.

John & Rachel Pack

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