This morning we had another flat, and we hadn’t even gone anywhere, thanks to the llantera. Plus after the llantera fixed our barrings, the cart would not roll – literally. Completely empty it felt as if it had a full load. So, we had to stay another day, because nothing was open on Sunday.
Tomorrow we will be leaving hell or high water, nearly everything that could go wrong has, and all has been fixed by good luck, or simply by a series of miracles; either way we are good to go. However, even with the good luck, none of it could have been possible without the help of our new life-long amigo Mas Margaritas. Today alone he has taken us from the mechanic, to the llantera (different one), hardware store, laundromat, back to the hardware store, a couple more times, the Internet cafe, then Baja Pack to ship some equipment back home again, and on and on. We even had a chance to pick up a new tarp, for both protecting our air mattress from the cholla, but to also create a larger shade area when we’re hiding from the sun. We are so thankful!

I also want to give a few plugs to not only Mas Margaritas, but to some local Guerrero Negro businesses that you should know about, and one you should not. First, if you are ever in need of a mechanic in this neck of the woods, I give a 10 out of 10 stars
to Los Liebres Taller. The owner is Noe Villavicencio, and he is not only a mellow, soft spoken man, that speaks English fairly well, but he is an honest, meticulous and thorough mechanic. His shop is the first building on the right as you enter town. It’s surrounded by a big white wall. SEE PHOTOS

The second is Juan Carlos, he is the owner of Llantera Ezqueda. The shop (sort of) is on the south side of the street, next to small grocery store and a seafood cocktail cart, about in the middle of town. Very pleasant man, a long time amigo or our friend Coco. Good guy if you need tires.
Both of these men were a big help to us today. Gracias amigos. Oh and besides all that, neither of them charged us a dime or peso, even after we tried to insist on paying. Gotta love Baja.

The other business that needs a little plug, is the new Mr. Pollo chicken restaurant, just a block east of the Pacifico agency (talk about convenience). Their chicken is just about the best I have ever had, and both Rachel and I consume mucho pollo. Friendly staff, clean, inexpensive and extremely tasty.
As for the one to avoid. The llantera directly across the street from Motel Don Vicente as you enter town. They fixed two tires, and the barrings, all of which lasted only a day or so, and the barrings not at all; hence the two new friends Juan Carlos and Neo.

We now have all tires, in addition to a brand new tire, tube and wheel we found in town if you can believe it, for only $160 pesos – amazing. We even got all new bolts, nuts and washers for the steering system on the cart, so we are rock solid. We are excited to get back on the road and start walking. With our new shoes, new cart and new enthusiasm, watch our daily miles start to grow.

As for the need of a burro, no way Jose. I am the burro, or El Burro as Coco calls me and although I am stubborn and occasionally smelly, like a burro, I’ll walk when Rachel says walk, unlike a burro. And Graham, I would have to disagree that our cart won’t make it. It made it down the San Felipe trail (Highway 5) no problem and that is the roughest road we have yet to encounter…anywhere. We are going to continue doing what we’re doing and we will make it, even if this burro, has to carry it all myself. However, we appreciate the suggestion 

We’ll keep you posted and please stop and say “hola” if you see us on the road. We will be out of communications for about a week after tomorrow. Our next destination is Vizciano, then on to San Ignacio. SEE PHOTOS