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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dreams coming true!!

Almost three weeks John and I have been down here in Baja. This has been our dream together and been a dream a part from one another to live in Baja, as you all know by. From my first trip to Cabo, then my time in San Felipe, and my week with John in Muligue; the people, the food, the land all appeal to me. And for John, he has had many more trips then I and has always talked about his wish to some day live in Baja Mexico. So here we are now living a double life one in Baja building out house of sand and one in Fresno being with Liamarie as she finishes high school, visiting family and friend. Life is good!

Friday: Jan. 5, 2007 - The first weekend and we planned to start first building, a storage shed; but the weather would not let us. We had 4 days of wind, wind, and more wind. This prevented us from starting anything. So we had to wait until the wind let up; final it did but on Tuesday. We had to work, with our new publication "Land & Home Magazine for San Felipe", a wonderful publication all about living and building in San Felipe. John and I with a good friend Bill helping us out with sales. With the magazine and all our print and DVD business our weekdays are full. So we had to wait until the weekend to start the shed.

Please see http://ourcastleofsand.blogspot.com/ for all the pic and info. FUN! FUN! FUN!

Friday: Jan 19, 2007 - John Drives up after having gone to town for a few meeting and he had a guest, his name is Eric. Eric the cyclist - he is bicycling from Arizona to La Paz. John found him on the road taking a pic of a sign painted on the street. The road to our Campo had a few crazy dips and right before this set of three dips some one painted
"OH SHIT DIPS!" They arrived around 4:3o pm, Eric said he knew he would not make it to a town by dark and thought he would take a chance on a California license plate and that was John. Eric stayed over, he went to a South Campo Meeting, ate pot luck, played gin rummy with us (yes I am playing cards), and we listened to him play a few songs on the guitar. The next morning was a beautiful sunrise, as we often have; John made papas and huevos to send Eric off as he still had many more miles to ride. His next stop was Gazonga Bay-one of the most beautiful places in Baja many people tell me. Eric really was a nice guy and we wish him all the best.
John and I love to meet new people; just before we met Eric we met a guy that makes pictures out of paper mache. We found Fransico heading into town and once again we stop to give a ride. He also turned out to be a great guy! He invited us to view is art and see the new development he is working for "Aqua Marina". We have not had time to check it out but as soon as we do I well make a new entry and let you all know.
Bye for now! XOXO

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