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Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 3 - Baja Blues Tour: El Rosario to Vizcaino

Day 3 (Feb 16, 2018) - El Rosario to Vizcaino
Shake rattle & rain rain!  As we left El Rosarito heading south on Hwy 1 heading South towards Guererro Negro; the clouds were heavy in the sky and by the time we got to Catavina the rain came down making it hard to see all the potholes size of trucks that everywhere. One of our adventurers (guests) hit one or all of the potholes and the jolt knocked their RV refrigerator door off its hinges (she told me later).

We stopped for a short bathroom break, as the RV pulled up next to us and Sixx said "Wow I would not drive on that tire if I were you". From hitting all the potholes he bent the inside rim on their RV to an oval shape. Luckily we were at the only llandera  (tire shop) in the area; at Lake Chappala (Hwy 5 & Hwy 1). The guy at the llandera pounded the egg-shaped rim round again. Thankfully, after an hour or more, the group was able to continue South again! With the delay, we had to change plans and stop in Vizcaino for the night. 5PM we pulled into Vizcaino just as the sun left the sky. The Blues Against Hunger group gathered for the first of many wonderful dinners and a nice comfortable overnight stay at Hotel Kadedaman.

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