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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Days 8 - La Paz to Los Barriles

Days 8 - (Feb 21, 2018) La Paz to Los Barriles. SEE PHOTOS

The trip from La Paz to Los Barriles is always short but very enjoyable ride with a stop in El Triunfo to see and take photos of The Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe church. HISTORY - El Triunfo is a small mining town in La Paz Municipality, BCS, about 4½ miles north of San Antonio. In 1862, silver and gold were discovered in the southern BCS. mountains, leading miners from Mexico and the United States to set up camp. Once the largest city in BCS it was home to more than 10,000 miners., now BCS is marketing it as the "Puebio Historico" "The Historical Village". 

After our short stop we all got back into our autos and headed to Los Barriles, which is one of our favorite places along the Eastcape. Los Barriles is very popular with the wind and kite surfers because for the daily 10:00am winter winds. Hotel Los Pescadores is our home for 2 days, Patty the own of this hacienda style Eden, welcomed us with a cold beer (or soda), Lucky Lucky us! Patty has been a friend of Sixx and I for years and it is always a homecoming each time we venture back. Patty got everyone checked in to their rooms and what a place, a must stay if you vist the area. The group gathered together once again for dinner and drinks at the Smokehouse, good food and company. 

Day 9 - Los Barriles
Sixx and I enjoyed the morning with our walk run on the north beach, then breakfast at Caleb's Rest and bakery on the main road was wonderful. Bill tempted me with a peanut butter cookie...boy yummy good! Then shopping and exploring the little stores looking for things we do not need. Then we got ready for a night of music, the 2nd Blues Against Hunger jam concert on the tour. What fun a great night of music with Steve on drums, Jerry on congas, Don and Scott on harp, and finally Mike on keys making up our Wild Pack Band in Los Barriles! Thank you everyone that joined the Wild Pack to fight against hunger.

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