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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Day 4 - Baja Blues Tour: Vizcaino to Mulege

Day 4 (Feb 17, 2018) - Vizcaino to Mulege SEE PHOTOS
The Baja drive from Vizcaino to Mulege is a scenic pleaser; from the desert with cactus, to cactus with trees,  to my fav - rounded bolder & rock piled mountain, giant rock mountains to tropical oases. San Ignacio is a tropical oasis stop on the BAH Baja tour. Seeing the Mision de la San Ignacio (completed in 1759) and town center courtyard with the giant 100 year old trees and many shops lining the streets, one of our favorite stops. Then onward to Mulege,
for the first concert of the Blues Against Hunger Tour at The Hotel Hacienda. This is the 4th year playing at the Hotel Hacienda, build in 1778. the second building built after the Mulege Mission. Just perfect hacienda with a stunning bouganvillia, giant  polermo tree and old artifacts placed throughout the courtyard .

The concert was wonderful with Mulege visitors, South beach snow birds, and full timers, the people serrtounded the pool stage and hopping with engergy! What fun Sweet Sixx had playing with Fast Eddie on the skins, Macie on harp, Jeff on guitar, all new additions to the Wild Pack. The Rotarians where there to help collect the food donations for the people in Mulege. Thank you to all the joined us and danced the night away!

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