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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Back Story...we've come full circle.
Once upon a time, well it’s not that easy, but I’ll make it as brief and painless as possible. Back in 2001, Liamarie and I were living in Fresno CA; Liamarie was attending private school and I was running a magazine and newspaper.

One night while magazine promoted a show at a nightclub, I was hung out at the attached restaurant and met my soul mate – Rachel. During the next three years, the three of us grew closer; Rachel, Liamarie and myself, until July 12th when we got married on the beach in Santa Barbara.
A week later Rachel, John, Troy, Liamarie and Troy friend Jeremy climbed aboard our brand new 2004 Fleetwood RV and traveled around the country. Jeremy was the first head back to California when we dropped him off in Alabama, next Liamarie had to fly back for school when we dropped her of in Dallas Texas, Troy completed the first trip around the country when we brought him back to Goleta California.

From there Rachel and I rounded the country again, stopping for longer stays while promoting mixed martial arts events or while Rachel competed in fitness compitions. We spent time in Lebanon Ohio, Crystal Beach Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, St. Paul Minnesota, Birmingham Alabama and finally Las Vegas.
After six long hot months in Las Vegas and 10 hour drives one way to Fresno to see Liamarie we decided it was time to move back to California, which is where we are now, in Ventura just south of Santa Barbara where we got married on the beach. We’ve come full circle.

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