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Friday, December 29, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure, and this has been an extremely adventurous week.

First we had to try and get our life packed into our RV and what didn’t fit we stuffed into out storage unit. Of course the RV had its own problems; the batteries all had issues, the generator had a jammed flywheel, the city water intake hose was leaking, plus several Ford recalls and a Fleetwood recall. Could it get any worse? Yes, but first it gets so much better.

Once we had the RV packed and the storage stuffed we were off to Fresno to visit with our both our parents and our daughter Liamarie. As always I couldn’t wait to see her, it seems I never get to see her enough. The sight of her brings me so much joy and unfortunately the goodbyes make me so sad. Even now while sitting in Barnes and Noble I hold back my tears. This time I know we’ll be there every month!T

he trip to Fresno was pretty smooth considering we hadn’t moved the RV in nearly a year. The only problem was we didn’t have a trailer or dolly, so Rachel had to follow behind in the car; certainly not the most economic way to travel.

It was great to see Liamarie, she is growing into such a beautiful young lady. The twice daily trip to her school from Rachel’s parents took an hour each time, but it was worth it. Things have really improved since she started this high school. She’s now getting great nearly straight A’s.

No with our monthly trips from San Felipe Mexico to Fresno, Richard and Joyce (Rachel’s parents) have allowed us to move in – literally. Rachel and I took over the office and Liamarie the other room. It’s was great to see Liamarie start to get her room setup. On Friday I took Liamarie to school for the last time this trip, and as always it made me sad. However, this time I know when we’ll be back and we have big plans together. When I get back we’re going to go into a recording studio and start producing music together. At first we’ll just do some simple recording and lay down some music tracks for Liamarie to sing to. I’ve place an add for studio musician to record a cover of Trooper, an old Iron Maiden sold that Liamarie loves to sing - Should be a kick in the pants.

Saturday morning we hit the road once again, this time towing the car behind on our new car dolly. We’re Baja Bound to begin a new adventure.

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