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The Pack Family Journal is a place where we gather text and images of our lives, adventures and travels. This is a very personal site, written openly and honestly. Enjoy.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dear Family & Friends

Hello everyone.
Welcome to the first of our new monthly newsletter The Gypsy Journal, the newsletter for the Pack family, which includes John & Rachel, Troy, Liamarie and of course all our extended family.

Once a month The Gypsy Journal will have updates of where we are and what we’re doing. Hopefully you’ll find it funny, informative and inspiring; at the very least you’ll know what’s happening with the Pack family.

We seemed to always be on the move, living life by the seat of our pants; or at least is seems that way, but really it’s just a series of adventures we hope to share with you.Some would say we’re somewhere between different and strange, but that where we’re happy so this is where we’re stay.

Hope you enjoy our journal,
The Pack Family

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