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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally Made it to Guerrero Negro

Finally made it to Guerrero Negro, although it took a little patience. After leaving we had an accident with an on coming van on the highway. Just prior to reaching the military checkpoint the RV mirror smashed into the mirror of a van going to opposite direction. Didn't see them hit their brakes and no where to turnaround, we just assumed we got stuck with a shattered mirror. As we were pulling away from the checkpoint, the van pulled up. The smashed mirror has also smashed the drivers window.
The man and wife wanted us to go back to San Ignacio to take care of it, I refused saying
I wanted to go to Vizciano because it had a gas station and a bank, both of which I needed. Once in Vizciano, the two of went to a auto parts store and we purchased them a new mirror and window, it cost $1380 pesos ($100 US). Well worth it to us. Had we involved the police it would have been far more trouble and costly.

We got a couple Mexican seafood cocktails and drove out to Laguna Ojo de Liebre for lunch and to look at the whales.

photo by Rachel Pack / March 2010

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