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Monday, March 8, 2010

Here and There

San Ignacio River & Lagoon
Today we moved from Rice & Beans to a wonderful spot next to the San Ignacio river. We can actually hear the frogs outside on the river bank. We're in the middle of date palm orchard, and it's very quiet. Tomorrow we are going to the lagoon for pictures. We hope to be back on the road tomorrow afternoon on our way to Guerrero Negro.

Mulege to San Ignacio
Today we arrived at Rice & Beans in San Ignacio. Took us 3 hours from Mulege. Stopped in Santa Rosalia to look for a tire for the RV, the left dually is getting bald. No tires in Santa Rosalia or San Ignacio. Rice & Beans is $250 pesos per night, but has full hookups. We're recharging our batteries and filling and dumping our holding tanks. Tomorrow we will look for something different.

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