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Friday, June 12, 2009

We've Got Wheels

We've finally got wheels. Walking is fine and all, but riding a bike is mucho mejor (much better)! Yesterday alone we saw more of the town than we have on foot all week. Today we had our first meetings and getting around town on bikes is a snap. In only about an hour, we set up our first retail location in the historic district of town, a very nice restaurant called La Cas Cada.

We also have several addition meetings for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So next week is going to be a busy one for us. However, this weekend will be a little slower, we're hoping to do some more photography, video and writing about Loreto. We were hoping to also get in some fishing off the marina, looks like it might be a pretty good spot. This quaint little fishing village is special, possibly one of my personal favorites.

Now that we can swiftly make our way around town, we actually found a Banamex and got to do a little banking, and were able to go grocery shopping; I think one more cheese quesadilla for lunch was gonna kill me. Although, last night we did include some packaged meat making them into big tacos/fajitas, but that was dinner after all.

The image is of the municipal building in the town square. 

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