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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The beginning of a new adventure

In two days a new chapter begins; we are moving back into our 32 foot RV and hitting the road.

The last time we did this we had just got married, loaded up ourselves, three teenagers and a cat and drove across the US - three times. This time it's ourselves, two cats and a dog and we're heading south to explore Baja California Sur.

Having three animals sounds nutty to me, but as I've learned from Rachel that someplace between different and strange is a great place to be.
Like last time, we are not completely ready. The difference is the last time, we had a brand new RV right off the lot. This time it has three years of traveling the US and 4 years sitting in the sun under it's roof.

We haven't taken it back to the US, since moving down four years ago. The tires all had to be replaced from the sun damage from sitting and our 12 volt system doesn't work, even after having every 12 volt, RV person we could look at it. For some strange reason, none of our RV batteries will charge off our generator, or the coach when running. The only way we could get it to work is to plug the RV in, and many Baja RV parks do not have power.
No worries, in a true Mexican way, we used what we had and got it working great with a little ingenuity and creativeness. What we've done is to put our solar system to work for us. What we did is create a secondary 12-volt system. We took our three gel batteries, inventor/charger and put them together under the RV in a compartment. Now we just charge the gels from the parks with power as we use it, then when we disconnect and hangout on the beach or someplace without power, we simply plug the RV into our inverter and run off our secondary system.

Our new power plant is the creativity of our friend Raine, who seems to know everything. Some people that think that are usually annoying, but not Raine, because I think she just might know everything. Thanks Raine it works GREAT!!

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