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Monday, June 8, 2009

Made it to Loreto

Hola Amigos, 

We left Estero Beach in Ensenada at about 11am. The last few days have wiped us out, so we took time out in the morning and organized some before heading out.

The trip from Ensenada to Catavina was beautiful. We always like reaching the top of the central Baja mountain range. Of course the higher altitude made for a couple of cold nights.

We filled up in Ensenada before heading out a got into Catavina with 3/8 of a tank, perfect, or so we thought until the only pumps in town were out.

Fortunately we were able to purchase 5 gallons for 36 pesos a gallon, not bad considering. That night we stayed at Rancho Santa Inez for $6. Nice big ranch, where we could literally setup anywhere we wanted. 

The family that owned the ranch were very nice, the dad and two young boys played on the porch with dad looking on, while mom and grandmother sat in the kitchen. From the open window on the porch we order from her hand written menu. We had a nice dinner of tacos Dorado for Rachel and chorizo and eggs for me.

We found a real nice place near a tall palm in a wide area where we could see the full moon. Once setup, we took both Cai and Max out for a walk, yes even Max the cat walks on a leash - when he wants.  

The night was bitter cold, but when the sun rose in the morning it was spectacular; warm and breathtaking with large trees and a lush arroyo of palms running one side of the our site.

The next gas station is Jesus Maria, where we filled up before going into Baja California Sur. The trip across the peninsula was beautiful, but uneventful.

Loreto is a gorgeous fishing town with lush gardens of bright tropical flowers in every color. The Malecon is a site with the sea literally slashing up to the sidewalk. After spending about an hour driving around town looking for the two RV parks listed in both our RV guides, which we NEVER found. We came across another real gem, called the Del Mar RV Park. We are only one of three people staying here, so it’s quiet and it’s has free WIFI for Internet, free laundry, is completed fenced in with high hedges and tall trees shading our site and the BBQ palapa behind us, and my favorite part is it’s only 1.5 blocks from the beach, marina and Malecon.


View Rivera del Mar RV Park, Loreto BCS in a larger map

Our plan has changed a little, we’ve decided it makes more sense for us to spend the next couple of weeks here in Loreto and get to know the area and people. We want to look for the Rotary and Lions clubs and go to a meeting of each. It’s a great way to introduce ourselves and quickly meet some of the people Mexico Living could benefit.

Today is Monday June 8th and time to get to work. 

[Photo of Loreto Mission]

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