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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Am Not a Religious Man, But I Am a Thankful Man.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year for Rachel and I, we think getting together with the people you love and eating and drinking too much, and laughing until you pass out (Tryptophan or Alcohol induced), is the best time you can have with loved ones. Halloween was cool as a kid, I just can't my groove on for it as much anymore. New Year's is great too, you get a chance to start again, and none of us get those enough.

I am not a religious man, but I am a thankful man. I am thankful for my health and happiness, for my family and extended family. I am thankful for all I had, all I lost and all to come. I am thankful my wife loves me and my family is tolerant. I thank my lucky stars I am not already dead, and for the life I have led. I am also thankful I don't don't go out much, because the christmas music is all the stores for nearly 2 months is pure torture!

Christmas on the other hand hurts. Hurts emotionally for many, financially for others, and hurts my ears as I already pointed out. This season I am going to think of Christmas as the other Thanksgiving, and instead of being burdened by the "holiday season", I am going to think about Thanksgiving as another day of eating and drinking too much, and laughing until I pass out. You see, I just needed a little change of perspective and I think I might start loving this time of year again.

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