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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Angel of Perpetual Hops and Barley

I'm a believer! I have my very own "Angel of Perpetual Hops and Barley" and pictures to prove it, Never fails, just as my cravings start to get the best of me, my Angel pulls me up from the ashes with the tastiest brews.

Today started out as a regular Mexican Pilsner kind of day, and then I get a text message from my "Angel of Perpetual Hops and Barley" that says I have a surprise on the porch. Oh yah baby - three tasty ales and 2 bottles of Saki! As if the heavens opened and dropped them there.

And not unlike those other angels; you know, the ones that receive wings on the chime of a bell. Well, I can assured you that when I open my angelic gift....with the pop of a bottle cap this sinner is gonna indulge in a heavenly cervesa!!!!
 Muchas gracias!

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