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Friday, July 15, 2016

I'm Just Saying...The Tuba

Okay, maybe not go. Not completely anyways. I know there is a time and a place, and an application that works. We have dear friends Pancho and Sal of the RioSamaya Band and Sal makes her accordion speak beautiful melodies over Pancho's warm Spanish guitar tones. It works and it's beautiful. But sometimes, they do not go together well...in long durations. Rachel and I have lived in Baja for more than a decade now, and during that time we have been involved in music, seeked it out in many cases. We even attended the Mariachi Festival in Rosarito and became big fans, and even produced our own Latino Music Fest and love almost all of it. We even started understanding some of the differences and styles.

We have also learned in that time, that Mexicans know how to party. Oh yah, and they do it naturally; a couple of family members or friends get together, add some food and cervesa and the party is started. Grandparents to kids and everyone in between, and the parties can go until 6AM. I wish my family did that when I was a kid. I must say finally after all this time...there is one I really don't like. Makes me picture evil clowns and nerds and without pointing fingers or ears, it sounds like Barnum Bailey and contains tuba and accordion. I really don't know the exact style, because some styles I do like also contain these instruments. That's just me. My musical tastes have always been left of center anyways. So what do I know, I also dislike rap, edm, and any heavy metal band with a singer that sounds like they are expelling a hairball, or any song without a guitar solo. Although, those dudes on the accordions can shred. I'm just saying.

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