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Thursday, July 21, 2016


When I was in my 20's I was run over by a car and crushed. Broke most bones in my body, was even declared dead. Now 30 years later, I am in constant pain, everyday all day. I have never taken anything for pain. My incredible wife Rachel uses a small wooden device to rub out the knots, usually twice a day. I have been in pain so long, I am somewhat acclimated to it. I've also never taken pain meds, because I'm also scared of dying due to doctor incompetence, or getting yet another addiction.
In any case, the reason I freakin' LOVE MEXICO is because this last week the pain in my shoulder has become almost unbearable, and difficult to raise my arm. It was time to give in and see a doctor.
After breakfast, Rachel and I stopped by the doctors office. He gave me a quick exam of the usuals, then examined my shoulder. He prescribed me 2 different pain killers and 1 supplemental, non-painkiller that is used to support one of the others. Blah, blah, something to that effect. Then he escorted me to the pharmacy.
Less than 20 minutes total in time and only $150 pesos for the checkup ($8 US dollars), and the 3 medications were $235 pesos ($12.65 US dollars). I Freakin' Love Mexico! I still hate french fries for my breakfast potatoes, and I still hate when sausage is replaced by hotdogs. But other than that.

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