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Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Tire Bubble That Almost Cost an Amp

It was almost a perfect day. Stopped to get gas on the way to meeting a guy to get a new guitar amp and as I ALWAYS DO, I check my tires. I'm always a bit paranoid about tires, since our entire house and home rides on them. Well, wouldn't you know it, the inside dually (two tires together) had a Nerf football size bubble in it on the sidewall. 

Once I knew that, we couldn't take the freeway of course, but then again I didn't want to lose the chance at this new amp. So we limped slowly on sides streets the 15 miles to meet the guy with the amp. We were late of course, but he was cool about it. We made the deal, got the amp and then limped back to our campgrounds. 

I'm sure if Mom, either of them read this they might be upset that I drove it like this. We discussed it,
decided it was too late in the afternoon on Friday to get a new tire put on. Plus, it was a dually and the bubble was on the inside facing towards to center of the RV. If it was to blow, it wouldn't hurt the outside tire and we could still limp on one tire or just stop and have one tire to rest on. If it had been a front single tire, we wouldn't have risked it. 

Monday we're getting a new tire, making 3 brand new tires just this month.

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