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Sunday, October 16, 2016


I used to go to plays almost weekly when I published a pop arts magazine in Seattle during the 90's. And although I was heavily into the music scene of the day, I was never into musicals. However, I have to admit that all summer while sitting in Punta Banda, Baja California, Mexico we have begun writing a musical, a blues rock musical more specifically.

Last year, while spending the summer in the exact same location, we produced our first blues rock album and enjoyed the experience incredibly. This year we thought of doing the same thing, but instead began writing our first musical. The script is not yet complete, but the story is almost completely flushed out. I must say, and I'm sure Rachel would agree, the story would be one of the things I am most proud of, ever in my life; next to scoring Rachel. And although I'm not proud of everything I've done - not in a long shot, I am proud of many things I've accomplished in my crazy life.

In any case, the story is tentatively entitled LOVE SEX GUITAR. Just 3 words, no conjunctions. I don't know about you, but every time I say the word "conjuntion" I immediately start singing "conjuntion juntion, what's your funtion?", just happens automatically, strange the power of a good hook can have...School House Rock sure rocked it.  I know this is a tan git of what I was talking about, but it does clearly illustrate how you can convey a concise message in a fun way, that will stick with you a lifetime. For those of you that do not know what I am talking about, watch the video below...be warned, you'll be singing along. 

Back to what I was talking about. Our new musical. It's not a musical in the sense of a rock opera. Not even close. Don't much care for people singing the story to me. Rather what we've done is weaved our story 3 locations where music is played, with characters all connect to one another musically, and made the band playing the background music to the musical, as part of the story.

LOVE, SEX, GUITAR is a story about an old man and a guitar. The old man is a pawn shop owner that recently lost his wife and soulmate Rose due to accident on the eve of their 40th Anniversary. The old man becomes detached and angry. The old man is shown the error of his ways and redeems himself over the course of the story. It all begins when a surprise anniversary gift arrives. It’s a very special rose red guitar gifted to him by his beloved wife. As the guitar begins weaving its way in and out of his life and those in the neighborhood - the Block, each new encounter reveals more of Rose’s love, slowly healing the old man and restoring his love for music, his friends and the Block. Most importantly Rose’s love.

The ultracool part of it, is that once it is completed, we are going to be doing it all both English and Spanish and our goal is to tour it off season in mainland Mexico this next year. I not 100% sure why I writing this now, prematurely. I guess because we are already securing the band and cast and I am really excited. This season, the tour weeks a month that we're back from the Baja Blues Tours (www.bajablues.com), we will be rehearsing the performance. So I am excited. Sorry, said that already. 

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