Last Friday night we had a tough camping location with some off road to get to camp. We hide each night out of view of the road, and try to find a safe place for the night, however the foliage and rocks are decreasing making it much harder to hide; and this night it required going further off road then normal. Saturday morning after leaving camp and hitting the road, and climbing a huge mountain, we realized we had two flat tires. As usually there was very nice Mexicans to the rescue. A family driving by in a flatbed truck filled with scrap metal asked us if we wanted a ride, they took us approx. 10km to Nuevo Rosarito to the tire shop, but as luck would have it it, it was closed and from what we could find out, it looked like it was closed until Monday. Fortunately,
the family said they would be back in two hours to check on us. we sat around and waited, and sure enough in two hours they did return. They said they were going to Guerrero Negro and they would take us to the tire shop there, so we jumped in back with the metal and drove to Guerrero Negro.

We got the tires fixed and got a hotel (La Posada de Don Vicente, first hotel on right) for a shower and some rest. We decided to stay here until Monday and get caught up on emails and work on the Baja Blues Fest and a some other business. We also have a ton of photos and video to upload before we leave, so now is a good time.

This was a real bummer at first, but now we think it was a blessing…my boots have worn through and both Rachel and I have our boots duct taped. We found some tennis shoes at a segunda here in Guerrero Negro and have decided to give them a try over boots a little while, after all I couldn’t possibly get more blisters. We also really need the medical supplies, so everything happens for a reason.

The good news is that our new Mad Max 2 (The Cart), our wagon is amazing and other than the flats, it has been absolutely the best piece of equipment we have had – THANK YOU Christine, Raine for the wagon and Sal and Maria for the awesome retrofitting and craftiness.”

As it turns out, it took until today, Wednesday May 30, to get everything completed since most places were closed on Sunday. We are returning to just north of Nuevo Rosarito this morning to continue our trek with new tires, new supplies, new shoes and a new route. It has been a great break spending time here and getting to know our new friend Mas Margaritas and enjoying many great meals and cold cervesas. He is also giving us a ride back to our starting point.

We have added a few new video and a bunch of new pictures.

For those of your watching our live tracking, we do apologize for forgetting to turn on the tracker once or twice, and once for leaving it on and it turning itself off (low battery) and once for throwing our packs into the back of our new friends (Sal and Maria’s) Subaru Brat and walking pack-less the last couple of miles while Sal drove ahead and scouted camp locations for us, and Maria walked with us, while the tracker remained on and attached Rachel’s backpack. It was the end of a long hot day, and the tracker wasn’t a priority, oops, sorry. We will be taking care not to do it again.

We greatly appreciate the incredible support and wonderful new friends we have made. It’s been truly amazing! We love the stops people have made to say hello on the road, and the incredible efforts people have made to support us. Thank you all very, very much. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and we aren’t even close to finishing yet.

That being said, our friend Jerry Freer, who walked the peninsula himself two springs ago has recommended a new route that agree is better. We will turn at San Ignacio to the Lagoon then follow the coast to San Juanico, from there the road is paved all the way to Insurgentes. From there we will continue south to La Paz.