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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Am Glad 2 B Moving

Feb 18, 2010 - Thursday
We are in Los Barriles BCS Mexico and leaving tomorrow for La Paz. Our time here has been okay...nice place, great clean beaches, windy, & sunny. This is the place all the wind and Kite surfers come to catch the best wind and waves (Small waves).

I am glad to be moving - just worried about money as I always do. This, that and they need to be paid and we nerve have the money all the time.Today John and I will be working to loose weight together Rachel = 145lb & John = 291 lb. We have to drop 75 lb btw the two of us. John will get a "special" treat for every 10 lb he looses. And will get the treat so long as he maintains his gold weight 230 lb. I will get some new clothes as the others will not fit any longer.

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