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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Eagle River Wolcott Campground

We're in Wolcott Colorado at Eagle River Wolcott Campground and the weather is nice and warm and we have a nice spot along the Eagle River, beautiful cliffs and rock formations, and lots of fly fishermen. Tomorrow we have a show in Edwards just up the road, the BAD PART is the drummer we had booked for the gig backed out! First time this has happened...so today it is a scramble to find a new drummer by tomorrow. I think I will have the best luck in Vail...lots of music there. Love this excitement.

WE SCORED! We found a drummer for tomorrow, but not just any drummer, but according to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper he is the ONLY Grammy Nominated Elected Official in Colorado History. His name is Jake Wolf, a Statesman, musician, and teacher. We're pretty excited to know we have a drummer, but also that he is a cool guy and so far a hell of sense of humor. Its gonna be fun.

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