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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yesterday was Earth Day and it was a heck of a day, from waking up feeling overwhelmed, angry and depressed to owning a new dog and back out of the Blues & Arts.

Today I have decided that it's time to re-start keeping my journal. I've never been able to write a journal and stick to it, of course I could say that about may things. Now I think is the time to change all of that and focus on what I am committed: My Health, My Marriage, My Business, Our Life.

Part of that commitment will be this journal. The thought is, if I can stick with the journal, I will stick with the other fore mentioned commitments.

Today started the way I hope may future days start; slowly. This morning we got up and walked a couple miles with our new puppy Kai, watched the morning news and had breakfast. It gave us time to to talk about what we needed to do for the day, which also helps to reduce stress.

I called Gary Dilley this morning to let him know that Rachel and I can not continue to produce the Blues & Arts as co-promoters. Rachel and I have both come to the conclusion that it is too much for us to do, when we have our own business we need to focus on right now.

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