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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Feliz en el Sol! - Happy in the Sun!

Feliz en el Sol! - Happy in the Sun!

John and I are really enjoying out new life and home in San Felipe. We are now house sitting for your friend Melody Ashley.

In the Bright Orange Tire House

We have meet so many nice people that have become good friends that we hope to have for a very long time.
and many more...

I think that that is the only way to live a positive live is to surround ourselves positive people. Baja I think has a way of keeping people young, with little to no stress and the sun shining 99% of the time - People stay happy and healthy - No Bad Days!

We love it and would love to have you visit!
Come down and share the beauty of our small town of San Felipe and its surrounding areas.

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Good for people to know.